Maitland_FD_Rescue_45_234-178.jpgRedefining Excellence in Public Safety

With strong capabilities and broad experience assisting clients assessing their current environment we formulate tactical and strategic alternatives to implement positive change. The Principals of TMH are seasoned professionals with extensive emergency and technology management experience.





Windshield3.jpgMedical Director Oversight

The oversight of a medical director in EMS is to provide protocol development, training and quality assurance along with being available for immediate emergency consultation/medical control. 




Pioneering Concepts Lieutenant_Isaacs_234.jpg

We at TMH strongly believe and are proving the most effective way to provide this oversight is to actually, actively participate.  TMH pioneered these concepts 25 years ago and quickly learned the benefits: Protocols developed from needs, identified by QA, and training accomplished together . . . in small groups.





We believe strongly that true Quality Management only occurs within a non-punitive system.  For more than 25 years this belief in training to improve and maximize quality has proven successful.

Philosophy, Capabilities and Proven Results

It is difficult to fully explain the multiple impacts that arise from this “hands-on” approach.  Paramedics learn and improve; medical directors learn and improve, and the system does too.  The beneficiaries of all of this are the patients.  They receive a level of care much higher than average EMS. 

Medics_Intubate_233.jpgOur protocols are more advanced than the vast majority of the U.S.  We have been advancing these protocols and training personnel to provide an even higher level of care for many years. 

A contract with TMH provides new protocols, training, and new equipment proven to be life-saving.  The equipment includes but is not limited to:  King Tubes, CPAP, I.O. needles and advanced pharmaceuticals.