"Screening for Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) can be falsely negative almost one-third of the time using stress testing.  That means one-third of the people with CAD won’t be discovered.  For me, and many physicians, that is a horrible screening test.  CAD calcium scoring finds almost everyone with CAD.", Dr. Husty.

About the Test

A Coronary Artery Calcium Testing utilizes a simple CT scan.  A radiologist can determine the presence and amount of calcium deposited in the walls of five coronary arteries.  A healthy artery should have no calcium, or very little calcium.

Providing a prescription for the test.

Dr. Husty is the Medical Director for various Central Florida municipalities and he provides the prescription.

There is no cost for the prescription.  Dr. Husty offers this as a free service to the community.  The only cost you incur will be from the facility you choose to perform the testing services.

The test is simple, painless and fast.

Once your results are received  you will receive notification from Dr. Husty’s office as to your results.

You do not need to be a firefighter or law enforcement officer to get screened.  Anyone can request a script free of charge and the only cost you will incur is the facility’s testing fee.