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With 35 Years of EMS Experience

We have demonstrated extraordinary responsiveness to clients by bringing together some of the most resourceful and innovative people in the industry in a collaborative team environment.

  • Hands-On

    It is VERY difficult to fully explain the multiple impacts that arise from this “hands-on” approach. Paramedics learn and improve; medical directors learn and improve, and the system does too. The beneficiaries of all of this are the patients. They receive a level of care much higher than average EMS.

  • Protocols

    Our protocols are more advanced than the vast majority of the U.S. We have been advancing these protocols and training personnel to provide an even higher level of care for many years.

  • Improve

    Whether you’re a county or city manager looking to improve local fire or EMS response, or a local chief assessing deployment and operational strategies, we can help you.

  • Strengthen

    "You see, we know that when we help organizations strengthen their operations to improve the quality of services we’re helping them make a difference in people’s lives. It’s why we come to work every day. And it’s incredibly rewarding.", Dr. Husty.



Outstanding job to SCFD's Lt./Paramedic Ruping, FF/PM Jickell, FF/PM Crossman, FF Strong and FF/PM Hagerty.

In addition, outstanding work to citizen Bill Ratay, who performed hands only CPR on his daughter, a Seminole County Sheriff's Office employee.

See the Video - All were recognized for their life saving skills performed at a ceremony at Station 13.

Residents interested in learning Hands Only CPR can visit to find free classes in the area.

Looking to Improve?

Become an early adopter of emerging clinical practices.
Develop and maintain advanced protocols for EMTs & Paramedics.
Focus on clinical Improvements.

We provide sound operational and economic strategies.


We strongly believe that true Quality Management only occurs within a non-punitive system.


For 35 years, this belief in training to improve and maximize quality has proven successful.